VISCI is a research project which concentrates on building digital services and tools for distributed creative work. The project is multidisciplinary in its nature and combines research competence from several research fields. It utilises a user-centered approach and produces several prototypes which are tested in work and educational settings. The main outcome of the project is research knowledge, which is presented in conferences and published in journal articles.

As education and business today are increasingly globalized, new challenges are facing communication, interaction, and collaboration for the advancement and creation of innovation.

There is a clear need for new knowledge about ubiquitous computing, communication, and knowledge co-construction processes in virtual teams as well as about the possibilities of modern information technology to support virtual knowledge co-creation and innovation.

The project team will develop and test novel technologies that facilitate social interaction and collaborative knowledge creation for learning and innovation. It will explore how adaptive and personalized technology works as an enabler in learning and innovation processes, encouraging creativity and self-expression among individuals. It will produce new knowledge on how individuals from different backgrounds interact, communicate and collaborate in virtual spaces to co-construct knowledge and to create innovations through emerging technologies.

This four-year (2009-2012) research project is funded through the Motive programme of Academy of Finland.